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See how Wikipedia reaches a small village in Peru. This is a clip from the upcoming film “Web”, by Michael Kleiman; featuring Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales.
It shows kids with XOs in the Peruvian Amazon creating on Wikipedia.


Peña Nieto was accompanied by the heads of the ministries of Foreign Affairs, Economy and Education, 
since the main purpose of this visit is to know about the program “Basic Informatics Educative Connectivity for Online Learning” and do it on our country.
The president of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, arrived a few minutes to the international airport in Montevideo, Uruguay, where he made ​​his first official working visit.

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Translation from the original post from Fundación Pies Descalzos.
Rodrigo Arboleda, CEO of One Laptop per Child Association, was invited to present at TEDx Bogota in December 2012. The theme of TEDx Bogota conference was “Del dicho al hecho”.

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XO Major Learning Partners Include Sesame Street, MyCityWay, Common Sense Media and Little Pim
VIVITAR, a Sakar Company, is Strategic Partner and First Licensee for XO Tablet in U.S. Market

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We’re pleased to announce the next release candidate of our new 13.1.0 software release.
OLPC OS 13.1.0 is a new software release focusing on providing support for the new XO-4 laptop and its optional touchscreen. As usual, we maintain support and consistency for older laptops models, with XO-1.75, XO-1.5 and XO-1 also included in the release.
Information and installation instructions can be found here.

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OLPC South Africa Foundation organized a comprehensive three day OLPC workshop conducted by OLPCA representatives from its office in Kigali on December 10 to 14, 2012.

The main objective of this workshop was to provide a comprehensive introduction to OLPC. The workshop also explained the tremendous milestones achieved to date in providing educational opportunities to children in developing world.

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Letter Match is an activity for introducing the Spanish vowels. While far from contructionist, this activity does provide a mechanism for learning the alphabet. It displays letters and images and associated sound files, such as ‘A as in ave’. There are two modes:

  1. see a letter, then click on the corresponding picture

2. see a picture, then click on the corresponding letter

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One More Year in our mission to provide a learning device to every child in the world.
We celebrate our 30th Anniversary of dedication to Technology and Education in Third World Countries.
Here a 2012 review and our best wishes.

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The “Galton Box” exercise by Tony Forster.

Nicholas Negroponte, Founder  of One Laptop Per Child presents “Learning without Schools” at FOSI’s 6th Annual Conference titled ‘A Safer Internet for All’ that took place November 14-15, 2012 in Washington, DC.
A video of the full keynote speech is below: