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XOs in Colombia: Caldas, Itagüí, and wonderful tools

Tech Crunch TV interviewed Maureen Orth recently on the introduction of OLPC in rural Colombia on their tl:dw videocast. This was a timely reminder that Colombia has been building a network of supporting pilots and foundations in the years since this first urban school began implementing OLPC.  The largest projects are in Medellín (perlas), in Caldas, in Altos de Cazucá, and in Itagüí (1, 2).  Some of these are much more rural, and required helicopter drops to get them underway. Caldas also produced this great video. [caption id="attachment_2187" align="alignnone" width="402" caption="Children relaxing outside of class at the Marina Orth school"]Children relaxing outside of class at the Marina Orth school[/caption] The Maureen Orth  Foundation's Medellin pilot is not very large, but she talks about connected laptops as "the most wonderful tool they could possible have".
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