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XO-AU OS 10.1.3-au3 and XO-AU USB 3 released

I’m pleased to announce two important software releases from OLPC Australia.
XO-AU OS 10.1.3-au3 is the latest iteration of our operating system for XO-1.5 hardware. It continues our process of refinement on top of OLPC OS 10.1.3, to better suit Australian educational environments. Details are available in the release notes.
I’ve also put together a summary of the improvements we have made to our operating systems in the past year.
XO-AU USB is a software ‘Swiss Army knife’ for XOs. It provides a boot menu to make important XO operations easily accessible, without the need to type any commands. It is our official means of installing our operating systems. Version 3 contains XO-AU OS 10.1.3-au3.
©2011 Sridhar Dhanapalan.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Australia Licence.