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Why logging on should be child's play: OLPC

Gillian Tett of the Financial Times writes,

As I watch my kids play, I cannot help wondering how this new computer literacy is shaping the way they think. And what does it mean if some children grow up playing with keyboards from a young age, but billions of others do not? Will it affect how functional literacy in the 21st century is defined? [I]t has made me look afresh at the mathletics website my daughters love. Right now, the other kids who log on to play this game typically come from America, Europe, Korea and Australia. But might a day come when seven-year-olds from Uruguay or Peru will also log on, perhaps with a system of simultaneous translation? I would love to think so; anybody know how to say “game on” in Spanish, Portuguese – or Quechua?

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Anonymous says: I think the new age kids will be more smarter and sharper....but increase in technology has raised the bars of radiation which will make human and animals both aggressive ........ i hope this not happens. April 6, 2011 at 4 am

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