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G1G1 goes international

One Laptop per Child: Give 1 Get 1 Update: We are shipping G1G1 Internationally to 45 countries, through December 31st this year.Read the rest of this entry


C. Scott Ananian just posted a bunch of videos from Peru's MiniEd on his exciting, sporadic blog.
My favorite is the Children's Song (ogg), which sings about the joy of learning with an XO.Read the rest of this entry

Change the World program wraps up

We have been running a Change the World [CTW] program since November, which (along with the Give Many program which preceded it) allowed groups that wanted 100 or more XOs to get them at close to their raw production & shipping cost. This was a nice way to engage potential G1G1 supporters and others who were interested in supporting an entire school or educational work done by local charities.  It has had only limited popularity, however, and minimal overlap with our goal of getting countries and districts to embrace olpc for their children at scale.  As part of refocusing on our mission this year we are wrapping up CTW. This is a program we would love to support if we had time to do everything -- it has produced some lovely stories, and on rare occasions starts a process that leads to larger, lasting commitments.  In time we may make a similar program available again, and welcome feedback here from those who have taken part, or considered taking part, over the past year. If you are waiting to finalize details on a Change the World request, including longer-term fundraising plans, please do so this week (emailing us; those who have written in already should have received similar updates by email).  The page describing the program will stay up for a short while longer, and all current CtW conversations and transactions will be completed, even after the program has ended. Read the rest of this entry

Start a Laptop Project to Change Kids' Lives Worldwide!

Nonprofit One Laptop per Child is offering free XO Laptop loans and a strong network of dedicated Volunteer Mentors for visionaries of all ages, enabling grassroots projects worldwide. Over half a million XO Laptops are in the hands of kids worldwide today, in South America, Africa, AsiaRead the rest of this entry

Kicking off a gen-1.5 development process: Updating the XO hardware

XO + Tinkertoys(Box and Tinker) = Directional Cantenna OLPC is excited to announce that a refresh of the XO-1 laptop is in progress. In our continued effort to maintain a low price point, OLPC is refreshing the hardware to take advantage of the latest component technologies. This refresh (Gen 1.5) is separate from the Gen 2.0 project, and will continue using the same industrial design and batteries as Gen 1. The design goal is to provide an overall update of the system within the same ID and external appearance. In order to maximize compatibility with existing software, this refresh will continue with an x86 processor, using a chipset from VIA. The memory will be increased to 1 GB of DDR2 SDRAM, and the built-in storage will be 4 GB of NAND Flash with an option for 8 GB (installed at manufacture). The processor will be a VIA C7-M [1], with plans on using one whose clock ranges from 400 MHz (1.5 W) to 1GHz (5 W). The clock may be throttled back automatically if necessary to meet thermal constraints. Read the rest of this entry

Run-ins with XO's in Ethiopia

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Photo by Terry O'Sullivan, Creative Commons: Non-commercial, Share-alike"]Run-in with XO's in Rwanda[/caption]

Read the rest of this entry

An XO reflection, 2 years out

Chuck Lawton at Wired writes about 2 years of the XO, after getting his hands on one for the first time.   Some of the review is the normal shock of changing window managers and interface styles, but he has a sense of how manRead the rest of this entry
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XO 1.5: Create, Collaborate, Contribute

As the mystery around the XO-1.5 unfurls, take part in something historic! Approximately 30 XO-1.5 B2 units are now available at OLPC in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Given that our supply is limited, we want our allocation to be fair and meritocratic.Read the rest of this entry

School Server v0.6 released

The School Server is a key component of OLPC deployments -- and one that was somewhat late to the stage. So it is very good news that there is a new! improved! version 0.6 available. The main goal of this release has been to make making installation and configuration easier and more reliable. It is an incremental update on the XS-0.5.x codebase, so light on new features but strong on the "it just works" side. And very easy to upgrade for XS-0.5.x users.Read the rest of this entry