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OLPCorps : a proposed summer grant program for student initiatives

A group of students who have worked on two small deployments in Africa over the past year have proposed an OLPCorps project (quick, how many C's did you read?), to encourage students everywhere to found and contribute to locally-supported school projects. You can find and comment on the proposal for this summer on the OLPCorps Africa wiki page.
[caption id="attachment_438" align="alignright" width="139" caption="G1G1 flyer from OHOT"]G1G1 flyer from OHOT[/caption]
OLPC is considering this seriously for promotion and funding this summer.  The program would be open to students from all countries.  Paul Commons from Indiana University has been leading the proposal development - their "one here, one there" chapter made the G1G1 flyer on the right during the fall. What I like best about the proposal is that it is not competitive, and there is real incentive for different project enthusiasts to help one another make their projects better.  In practice this happens to some degree with publicly-posted proposal contests, since everyone reads other proposals and learns from the best; but it is a silent borrowing of ideas, not the give-and-take of suggestions. Read the rest of this entry

Travelling to Afghanistan

I just landed, and Mike Dawson picked me up at airport. Immediate flat tire on airport road. Much help from Afghani soldiers. So begins my second trip in a month. [caption id="attachment_1957" align="alignnone" width="225" caption="Flat tire at the airport"]Flat tire at the airport[/caption]

Apostle of the Apoxolypse: Derndorfer's wandering star

Christoph Derndorfer, widely known for his ministry to young XO pilots, fashion sense, and active speaking / writing / editing about OLPC, has recently kicked off a Latin American Tour.  (Todd Kelsey, where are your tour-badge-printing skills when we need them?)  He plans to visit all of our country partners in the region with significant deployments this summer, documenting his experience. Christoph's travel reports are enchanting.  Take for instance Read the rest of this entry