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Little Pim to provide language learning on XOs

OLPC and Little Pim, the award-winning foreign language learning program for children, have formed a partnership to bring Lim Pim content to the XO laptop.

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Sonora State makes Internet connectivity a universal right

In October 2011, Sonora State added the “right to connectivity” to the first article of the state Constitution, along with the right to liberty, education, and housing. They were the first Mexican state to adopt such a right, and one of only three states in the world. People are still writing about it today as an example of how to provide effective access to knowledge – as debates unfold over how to keep the Internet open. Read more...

Uruguay is first to deploy the XO-1.75, the lowest-power laptop

Uruguay announced this week they will deliver the first 60,000 mass-production XO-1.75s to the students of Plan Ceibal. They continue to lead the way in global OLPC deployment, with this work and related low-power work, and software accessibility to help disabled children use computers.

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