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eKindling makes strides in Lubang, Philippines

The eKindling project, a classroom XO project on the island of Lubang in the Philippines, is making good progress. They are supported by roughly 100 donors and organizers from across the Philippines. After a consultation visit this past winter, they recently purchased XOs for their school. They wrote up a project checklist, a 5-day teacher workshop schedule, and formed contacts with OLPC Friends, OLPC New Zealand, and Squeakland.Read the rest of this entry

Indonesia's Newest Low-Cost Laptop

Indonesian Netbook company PT Elevo Technologies (ETI) recently introduced their newest laptop, the Netbook Elevo R7.  At 998,000 Rupiahs (roughly $110 US dollars), it is the first laptop on the Indonesian market to go under the 1 million Rupiah mark... a success for Indonesia's low-cost laptop industry.  Let's see how it does when it comes out in August.

OLPC South Asia takes flight

A network of South Asian OLPC deployments (including India, Sri Lanka and Nepal) are working together to share knowledge and outreach.Read the rest of this entry

Undercover UXO: Saving Lives with Educational XO Laptop Games

In Cambodia, where last year nearly 250 people - one-third of them children - were killed or injured by mines and unexploded bombs, educating the next generation on how to avoid the detritus of war is vital.

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Abhishek from OLE Nepal published his long and excellent XS wishlist, generating a long discussion on the server-devel mailing and offering a dozen detailed use cases.

Thailand's Puea Thai Party, led by Yingluck Shinawatra (sister of Thaksin Shinawatra, who initiated an OLPC project in 2006 just before his ouster), has promised a tablet computer for every child. This plan would provide laptops to new students at the rate of 800,000 children a year, all running open-source software.