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Sugar Labs releases SoaS Mirabelle, Sugar Creation Kit

Sugar Labs recently announced their latest build of Sugar on a Stick (codename: MIRABELLE), along with the Sugar Creation Kit. OLPCN has a Mirabelle retrospective by one of the contibuting developers, and the inimitable Mel Chua offers Read the rest of this entry

Sugar on Nokia, Ubuntu, and computers near you

Sugar has been moving steadily to many platforms and distros beyond the XO and Fedora. Last year Guy Sheffer helped to get it working on the Nokia 810. This February it was repackaged for Ubuntu.Read the rest of this entry

Open Education at LinuxCon

Sebastial Dziallas organized a day-long session on Open Education at LinuxCon last week. They spent half the day discussing the needs of teachers and Sugar development. Caroline Meeks, Karlie Robinson, Colin Zweibel and others presented. Mairin Duffy wrote up the event well, and the OpenSource Education channel offers lovely newsmag-style overviews as well.