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XOs & sOccket & World Cup

As weeping and cheering for today’s World Cup results spread across the globe, at OLPC we are hoping to recover enough to try sOccket’s power-generating soccer ball at our next weekly scrimmage. Since Ghana and Uruguay are XO countries we are exhausted from rooting for both sides. Yesterday, Jessica Lin from sOccket visited us at OLPC and promised to trade a sOccket ball for an XO, in hopes that someday a XO can be powered by the energy of play.  Learning in play was strong thread of discussion this week at OLPC.Read the rest of this entry

XO power data: power draws for plugged-in laptops

Guest post by Richard Smith We've finished testing power consumption under different conditions for the XO-1 and the XO-1.5. The new machine performs well while suspended, and suspends very smoothly. Here is a chart of power draw at the wall, assuming a laptop plugged into a 230V ac outlet. This includes the power draw of the AC adapter; battery-only numbers will be significantly lower, but there is no comparison chart for that yet.Read the rest of this entry