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Birth of a blog

Hello, world! OLPC is lucky to have an active independent news community.  Since we started posting regular updates in our weekly Community News digest, there has been active interest among other blogs; has been live since I joined OLPC in late 2006.  Likewise we have had community forums on olpcnews and elsewhere before were up and running. The need for a public voice for OLPC has always been there -- a plaRead the rest of this entry
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Welcome to the new OLPC blog

We are moving this blog to, and are also reserving for pepole who want their own subdomains; get in touch with me if you have a blog you want to start here.   But we couldn't wait until everything was in place to start taking down our thoughts and stories. We could use links to existing stories, pointers to popular posts or press that need clarification, image and photo requests, and stories themselves.  Keep your pencils sharp and your wit dry, and stay Read the rest of this entry
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Late night hacking

The office is still busy at midnight, with people coming and going; but it's not what it once was when Bernie was the midnight DJ.   What I really need now is some 8-bit orchestras...
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Give a laptop, change the world : 2008 edition

One Laptop per Child is launching its second Give One/Get One (G1G1) program on November 17, 2008.  Last year's program supported the production of over 150,000 XOs.  This year the delivery of the laptops in the USA will be handled through The laptops will run the latest release of Sugar on a Linux-based Fedora Core operating system. (It will not dual-boot Windows and Linux, contrary to some reports.) For answers to frequently asked questions, and for other XO giving programs, see XO giving and the G1G1 FAQ.  And for a bit of nostalgia, here is my favorite image from last year's G1G1 program: My Other Laptop Is In Rwanda Thank-you videos and more below the fold, Read the rest of this entry
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OLPC Website redesign : focusing on education

In preparation for our upcoming publicity blitz, we've launched a new website design today, with help from the Rubenstein Tech group.  A new site is overdue:  as we pass the first anniversary of mass production, almost 500,000 XOs have been distributed to teachers and children around the world, and tens of thoRead the rest of this entry
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Exploring sustainable education

A bunch of OLPCers and Sugar designers and enthusiasts have been talking about the need for broader discussions on sustainable education, social progress, and the value of one laptop per child in different walks of life.  OLPC News has considered some of these issues, if with more blogging bombast Read the rest of this entry
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Recruiting: OLPC Social Media Warriors

Thanks to Joshua Gay of CK-12 for his help in crafting this posting! Help us spread the joy of education to children all over the world by becoming a Social Media Warrior. At OLPC, we have the tools, the educational materials, and learning resources to help transform the lives of millions all over the world. To do so, we need thousands of volunteers to understand what we have and what we are capable of doing for the lives of children everywhere - and we need three of you to help us get the word out to them using the social networking and media sharing sites that pervade our lives. Video Ninja
  • We'll hand you the keys to our YouTube, dailymotion, flickr-video, and myspace-tv accounts; work with our marketing team and branch out to other video networks at your discretion.
  • Promote videos from,, and other sources, including training resources for volunteers and staff in third-world deployments.
  • Track down celebrity speakers for original source material and permission to use it.
Facebook Rockstar and Myspace Maven

Details after the fold. Read the rest of this entry

Now that's a great smile...

We all took a group photo yesterday afternoon, after a long week.  There was a camera crew idling in the office who were kind enough to oblige us. That's Delisile's son in front holding up an XO and smiling...Read the rest of this entry


Eben has been working on a little Google Maps project -- you may have seen the map of XOs around the world before, but it's now bigger, better, and full of juicier data. [caption id="attachment_53" align="alignright" width="300" caption="XOs around the world"]Read the rest of this entry

Party this Sunday in Harvard Square

The Boston-area OLPC crowd are organizing a launch party for G1G1 this Sunday night between 7pm and midnight in Harvard Square. The party will be at John Harvard's Brewhouse.  If you're in the area, it should be an amazing time -- come say hello! XOs welcome; the first 10 people to bring a G1G1 machine from last year will get a sweet G1G1 2009 t-shirt.  No word yet on whether any velociraptorz will be present.  I'll update with more info and photos once I have them.