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Kicking off a gen-1.5 development process: Updating the XO hardware

XO + Tinkertoys(Box and Tinker) = Directional Cantenna OLPC is excited to announce that a refresh of the XO-1 laptop is in progress. In our continued effort to maintain a low price point, OLPC is refreshing the hardware to take advantage of the latest component technologies. This refresh (Gen 1.5) is separate from the Gen 2.0 project, and will continue using the same industrial design and batteries as Gen 1. The design goal is to provide an overall update of the system within the same ID and external appearance. In order to maximize compatibility with existing software, this refresh will continue with an x86 processor, using a chipset from VIA. The memory will be increased to 1 GB of DDR2 SDRAM, and the built-in storage will be 4 GB of NAND Flash with an option for 8 GB (installed at manufacture). The processor will be a VIA C7-M [1], with plans on using one whose clock ranges from 400 MHz (1.5 W) to 1GHz (5 W). The clock may be throttled back automatically if necessary to meet thermal constraints. Read the rest of this entry

XO roadmap updates: XO 1.5, 1.75, and 3

Today we announced our coming hardware lineup, the pending production of the XO 1.5, and published the first concept photos and timeline for the XO-3 tablet.  Here's the press release:
ONE LAPTOP PER CHILD DRIVES BREAKTHROUGH ADVANCES IN REVOLUTIONARY XO CHILDREN’S LAPTOP Product Road Map to Deliver Unprecedented High Performance, Low Power Consumption and Design Innovation at Lower and Lower Cost
Cambridge, Mass., Dec.Read the rest of this entry

XO-3 concept design is here!

Update: thanks for all of the feedback on the design!  There has been some discussion about materials, and a few interesting pieces have passed around the office, but no new eye-candy is forthcoming for a while -- we're busy getting the 1.5 out the door. The XO-3: it's designed to be thin, sleek, and touch, while continuing to lower power, cost, and material waste.  We've been anticipating the new designs for a while, and now they've arrived!  As announced in Tuesday'Read the rest of this entry

XOs for High School: new design, Uruguay snags 90,000

We have been working on a new XO laptop for high school students -- one with a larger and more responsive keyboard better suited to the hands of older students.Read the rest of this entry

Pixel Qi's 3Qi screen kit resumes shipping

Pixel Qi and Make ran through their stock of DIY kits for retrofitting a 3Qi screen into a standard laptop, on the first day they were available for sale.  But now the screen kits are back.  Check their list of definitely-compatible 10.1" laptops, or try it out on your own.

Indonesia's Newest Low-Cost Laptop

Indonesian Netbook company PT Elevo Technologies (ETI) recently introduced their newest laptop, the Netbook Elevo R7.  At 998,000 Rupiahs (roughly $110 US dollars), it is the first laptop on the Indonesian market to go under the 1 million Rupiah mark... a success for Indonesia's low-cost laptop industry.  Let's see how it does when it comes out in August.

Bienvenida: La computadora tablet de $35 para la educación.

Leer también en Inglés, Alemán, y Francés. El proyecto Una laptop por Niño (OLPC por sus siglas en inglés) lo aplaude Ministro Kapil Sibal por la promoción de la computadora tablet de $35. La educación es la solución número uno para eliminar la pobreza, ayudar al medio ambiente y crear la paz mundial.Read the rest of this entry

Bienvenue : Une tablette à 35 dollars pour l'éducation

Lire aussi en anglais, espagnol, und allemand. One Laptop per Child (OLPC) félicite le Ministre Kapil Sibal de faire la promotion d'une tablette à 35 dollars. L'éducation est la première des solutions pour éliminer la pauvreté, préserver l'environnement et créer la paix dans le monde.Read the rest of this entry

स्वागत: शिक्षा के लिए 35 डालर का टैबलेट

You can also read this letter in English, Spanish, French, and German. मंत्री महोदय श्री कपिल सिब्बल के 35 डालर के 'टैबलेट' के प्रोग्राम का ओ एल पी सी (OLPC) अनुमोदन करता है .Read the rest of this entry