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FoodForce2 update: facelift and new website

Foodforce2 team has released a stable release of FoodForce2 activity, and has refreshed its website at  (Aside from the delicious but lapsed Rollca Rollcats, this makes it the first Sugar activity to develop its own site!)  FF2 saw a great response this summer, with close to 150 thousand downloads over 6 months after the Beta version was released in May. This game has been developed to make the children learn to apply their education to build a self-sustainable village and learn to trade and strategize in a fun way. [caption id="attachment_1015" align="aligncenter" width="450" caption="You are given responsibility of the village during an important wedding."]You are given responsibility of the village during an important wedding.[/caption]
The team welcomes your feedback and would like to encourage you to give the game a try. The new release has lots of improvements, with an improved story and interface, better save/resume, customizable building placement, and the fantastic panoramic photographs from its earlier versions.  Details after the jump.

Super Vampire Ninja lands on the XO

[caption id="attachment_1428" align="alignleft" width="82" caption="Ready for vampires"]Ready for vampires[/caption]
Batovi Games Studio, a game development company headquartered in Montevideo and Buenos Aires, recently released a long mini-game,  Super Read the rest of this entry