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Lima to host Aymara and Quechua Sugar developers

escuelab, a hackspace in Lima, will host a Sugar Camp on November 18th and 19th to develop a Sugar image with Quechua and Aymara localizations, and new activities for children. Sugar developers are invited from across the region, with support from Activity Central, sugarlabs, and the World Bank.

One year of OLPC in Aboriginal Canada

Since their project launch last September, OLPC Canada has overseen a deployment of 2,500 XOs to students and teachers in 13 aboriginal communities across the country, under project manager Sean Longboat, with the oversight and support of the Belinda Stronach Foundation. Their team have partnered with a dozen groups across the country to make their work successful, including Tim Horton Children's Foundation, Air Canada, and BMO Financial. Most of their content, drawn from teachings and culture of the First Nations, was developed with the help of Ekomini.

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Kenyan teachers on strike, laptops take over

In the Eshibinga Primary School, Kenya, a few volunteer teachers and parents have been running a small project to introduce students to Sugar with a handful of XOs, with help from Sandra Thaxter. This is a rural part of the country that is starting to benefit from solar power centers.

The school had been keeping laptops in the principal's office at night (alas!), but now that there is a national teacher's strike, the students were given the laptops to take care of.

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OLPC Haiti implements solar school in Lascahobas

Guy Serge Pompilou, the national leader of the OLPC Haiti project, and Adam Holt, coordinating the OLPC community in Haiti, worked with the Illinois Institute of Technology to set up DC solar charging for a 500-student oipc school in Lascahobas, the latest step in a collaboration on solar-powered schools in Haiti that IIT has supported for some time.

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