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East African Community launches OLPC as a regional Initiative

On Friday, November 20, the East African Community launched One Laptop per Child as a regional partner, during the 10th Anniversary Celebration at the Secretariat Office in Arusha, Tanzania.  This annual Summit is the highest organ of the East African Community and it gives general directions and impetus for the development and achievement of the objectives of the Community. Matt Keller, head of OLPC's Global Advocacy, made a moving and compelling presentation to the assembled audience and heads of state, incRead the rest of this entry

East African Community OLPC launch

Here's a short video from last month's meeting of the East African Legislative Assembly, shortly before the EAC announced a regional OLPC initiative: Read the rest of this entry

Brunch in the Bronx & other events this weekend

[caption id="attachment_2195" align="alignnone" width="144" caption="Bronx Brunch: Sunday @ noon"]Brunch in the Bronx[/caption]