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Bikaner LUG members deploy XOs to a school in Rajasthan

A team of Bikaner LUG members rolled out 200 XOs at Kikarwali school two weeks ago, realizing the dream of the India Foundation which sponsored the project. Nitesh Bhardwaj shares details about the 5-day workshop he participated in with members from the local Bikaner Linux User Group (lugb). This was a single-school independent pilot. It is great to see people writing about field work in India, and working with the strong local Linux communities.

OLPC Photographs

Photography is a powerful medium that conveys a message through an emotional and visceral impulse in the viewer.Read the rest of this entry

Apostle of the Apoxolypse: Derndorfer's wandering star

Christoph Derndorfer, widely known for his ministry to young XO pilots, fashion sense, and active speaking / writing / editing about OLPC, has recently kicked off a Latin American Tour.  (Todd Kelsey, where are your tour-badge-printing skills when we need them?)  He plans to visit all of our country partners in the region with significant deployments this summer, documenting his experience. Christoph's travel reports are enchanting.  Take for instance Read the rest of this entry