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La mirada de CEIBAL

Fernando da Rosa just published a lovely blog post about the 160,000 children in CEIBAL using Sugar on Linux, and what this means for their community.  A must-read; with a 3-minute video pastiche that says it all without needing any words:  1 year of CEIBAL + OLPC From his post:
Al momento actual, nRead the rest of this entry

OLPC UNRWA Gaza : After a long wait Rafah adopts the XO

Also in Arabic: في اللغة العربية Students with their laptops, after putting their names on them. After a 10-month wait for approvals, the UNRWA OLPC core team, administrators, parents and children of Rafah took part in a brilliant beginning to the UNRWA OLPC program in Gaza, with a celebration event on April 29th. I was fortunate to spend the days beforehand with this team and their community. They worked tirelessly - children, parents, teachers, developers, and administrators - and it was inspiring to work with them. The Palestinian people have the optimism, resourcefulness, and dedication to turn a speck of dust into a garden. Not just any garden, but one that the entire community shares. And the XO has a special feature beyond its tech specs and activities - it can energize a community to have hope for their children.  One member of the core team, Jamil, remarked;  "This is XO is a humble machine, we can take it and do great things with it." They did. In a mere 12 weeks after their first intro to the XO, the Gaza core and community team: - prepared infrastructure - designed and gave workshops for 200 teachers and 12 administrators - introduced the XO to 2000+ students - helped these children introduce the XO to their parents - created a digital library - ported their own ILP learning games to run on the XO - integrated Memorize, Chat, Browse, & Speak into classroom activities - helped teachers begin distributing homework via the XO - witnessed initially skeptical parents begin to advocate at shops and mosques for XOs for all the children of Gaza Read the rest of this entry

New OLPC site in the works

Our design partners have been developing a new design for the OLPC website, one that draws in contributions from our partner and chapter sites around the world. I saw the latest designs this week, and loved them!  We'll have more updates about the site soon, once everyone's back from the Realness Summit and we've heard from Mike Massey, our new photo maven. The biggest change: we're going to convert the homepage from a big logo to a series of full-screen images from deployments, with background details and links to more information.Read the rest of this entry

OLPC testers get support from Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka's Virtusa has been working with our support gang over the past six months to provide a team of testers to help improve test depth and quality for new Sugar releases.Read the rest of this entry

OLPC South Asia takes flight

A network of South Asian OLPC deployments (including India, Sri Lanka and Nepal) are working together to share knowledge and outreach.Read the rest of this entry