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Now that's a great smile...

We all took a group photo yesterday afternoon, after a long week.  There was a camera crew idling in the office who were kind enough to oblige us. That's Delisile's son in front holding up an XO and smiling...Read the rest of this entry

Self-replicating XOs, Part 1

Vik Olliver developed the RepRap 3D printer, an early draft of the holy grail of 3D printing: a printer that can replicate itself. Since then, RepRaps have taken hold of people's imaginations and workshops around the world. Vik currently runs his own out of his basement, driven by Linux software running off of an XO. To add another layer of awesome, Vik has been turning out gen-3 viewfinders for the XO.Read the rest of this entry

One Laptop per Child Association settles in Miami

Names can be confusing at times.  Take "One Laptop per Child": should the per be capitalized?  This was debated long after logos and t-shirts had been designed.  OLPC has included two separate non-profits since its inception:
  • A 501c4 association, originally set up to execute the mission of the project  (Formally:  ONE LAPTOP PER CHILD ASSOCIATION, INC - no acronym, capitalization question avoided via ALL CAPS registration)
  • A 501c3 foundation, originally set up to receive tax-deductible donations to support the mission (Formally:  OLPC Foundation or OLPCF - acronym, just to make things complicated)
At first, most OLPC work was associated with the Association (ha!) and the Foundation dealt only with fundraisers and the like.  Last year, we started dividing effort between the two bodies.  Our projects focused on the poorest countries, remote access, and rebuilding after disasters and conflicts, moved to the Foundation.  Rodrigo Arboleda Halaby, a supporter of OLPC since its inception, was invited to lead the Association, which took more explicit responsibility for long-term support for stable deployments and work in Latin America.  They set up headquarters in Miami, originally with a staff of two.   Now they have a solid team, a new Board, and the first OLPC baby... This week the Association hosted a coming out party in the South Floriday community, with a debut breakfast for supporters, featuring Samuel Dusengiyumva from the OLPC Rwanda team, who spoke about Rwanda's plans for the  future. Read the rest of this entry

India's tantalizing tablet

As noted here last week, India's Human Resource Development Minister Sibal announced an interest in distributing a $35 touchscreen tablet to students across India.  Charbax demonstrated the reference design used is likely from AllGo Embedded Systems, which recently Read the rest of this entry