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Radio Free XO

Best of Luck to Team One Beep ( next week as they compete in the final international round of the MS Imagine Cup. Their success in transmitting content over FM radio frequencies to an XO is a nice partial solution. Connectivity is a forever problem. As OLPC continues to develop programs in areas where infrastructure is subject to frequent disruption from natural or man-made causes its use as a communication device is full of possibilities.Read the rest of this entry

Welcome: $35 tablet for education

India's HRD Minister Kapil Sibal spoke recently of a $35 tablet for Indian students.  In response, Nicholas published this open letter to India.  (Read it also in Hindi, Spanish, French, and German.) Read the rest of this entry

Health Mapping & Education in Emergencies: Exploring New Opportunities for Child Learning and Well-being

At OLPC this morning Rumi Chunara, PhD, a Research Fellow at HealthMap and Harvard Medical School gave an inspiring introduction to her work - It's a live site that tracks global health issues through local submissions -- tracking needs that are pressing a community most direly.

OLPC has been conducting research and fieldwork that focuses on education for children in crises, cutting across areas of crucial needs such as health and shelter. The effects of tools like Health Map and Ushahidi linked to an XO for family and kid support can have untold benefits for providing life saving information to a community.

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Download OLPC sound samples v.2

OLPC's sound samples, developed by Dr. Boulanger and his students and suitable for use with TamTam and other activities, are the largest collection of free sound samples online. They can be downloaded via bittorrent at many sites.

XO projecting w/a usb-vga adapter. VERY cool!

Mark Ahlness shows an XO projecting with a usb-to-vga adapter. It is indeed very cool, and we have updated instructions on how to do it!

XO-1.75: cutting through the nonsense

There’s lots of talk going on about the OLPC XO-1.75 now. A lot of it is inaccurate. I’ll quote John Watlington, VP of Hardware Engineering at OLPC:

Disclaimer: I’m VP of Hardware Engineering at OLPC
ARM processors powerful enough the support the user experience we wanted weren’t readily available (at the price point we work at) four years ago, when work started on the original XO design.

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Veteran OLPC developer C. Scott Ananian writes about his return to OLPC and plans to investigate a few XO-3 tech options, one a week, for the coming month.