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Be Rewarding

Be Rewarding is a group that has been working on developing online educational quizzes in various languages that are fun and engaging, with participation linked to donations to related charities to encourage continued participation.  We have worked with them and their founder Elise Moussa (happy birthday, Elise!) for over a year, and it's great to see their alpha site go live -- it is looking quite beautiful and I wish it every success. Check the project out and send them your feedback.
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Start a Laptop Project to Change Kids' Lives Worldwide!

Nonprofit One Laptop per Child is offering free XO Laptop loans and a strong network of dedicated Volunteer Mentors for visionaries of all ages, enabling grassroots projects worldwide. Over half a million XO Laptops are in the hands of kids worldwide today, in South America, Africa, AsiaRead the rest of this entry

OLPCorps enters final week of application period

On Friday, the OLPCorps application period will end. We’ve been very pleased so far with the university students, NGOs, schools, and other individuals and groups who have been inspired by the program. We’ve received proposals from students in North America, Europe, and Africa. In only three weeks, OLPCorps has attracted university students with significant experience in international development projects and concrete relationships with primary schools and NGOs in Africa.Read the rest of this entry

Dailymotion rolls out full support for open video; encodes 300,000 theora clips

Yesterday Sébastien Adgnot sent me a lovely message about Dailymotion's drive to make Theora encodings available for all of their videos. Blizzard sums up the implications nicely:
Today Dailymotion, one of the world’s largest video sites, announced support for open video.Read the rest of this entry

OLPCorps Roundup

As the Corps move forward, we’ve asked each team to post blogs on a variety of key themes revolved around the deployment process.  In the coming weeks we will highlight a few teams who will cover basic issues and statistics ranging from demographics, health, and education infrastructure to the local culture's perspective on OLPC's 5 principles and what the children do when they take the XO home. Today’s post focuses on the diversity of Corps communities and learning environments teams are working in.  The Corps deployments range from urban to rural, 1:1 to 1:3, 6 years old to 12 years old, and high to low student-to-teacher ratio.  We share updates from Uganda, Senegal, and South Africa. First day of XO Camp at Driehoek, South Africa (from Youtube): Read the rest of this entry

New Deployment: Middle East

UNRWA Amari Girls School, an elementary school in the West Bank OLPC has launched a new deployment in the Middle East in conjunction with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA). Since the start of its operations in 1950, UNRWA has been a vital provider of basic necessities, health care, and education for Palestine Refugees.Read the rest of this entry

Fireside chat: holiday cheer

Happy Holidays to all!  As I was working on a community newsletter this past weekend and reflecting on the work of the past year, I was warmed as always by the constant and refreshing work of our community groups and national partners.Read the rest of this entry

OLPC for Haiti

Haiti has been devastated by the recent earthquake.  Official estimates are that 110,000 people died and in the Port-au-Prince area, 75% of schools were destroyed.  We are exploring what we can to support the children and schools we have been working with there.  People on the ground in Haiti urgently need sanitationRead the rest of this entry

XO Health: Nutrition game eye-candy

Maira Chiodi shows off some of her lovely artwork and icons for an upcoming XO nutrition game on her blog. I can't wait to see a demo. Alongside the FoodForce 2 simulation, this makes for a nice addition to the casual activities available to develop strategies for planning.