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olpcMAP: 2 million XO Laptop OLPC deployments, mapped!

After 3 years, in dozens of countries, OLPC challenges the world to put the story of OLPC accomplishments on the map. Photographically, telephonically, viscerally - the passionate doers of our community movement are connect more intimately than ever before. No matter their deployment size, their age, or their creed.

Implementer gurus and connected social cartographers across our global community of One Laptop per Child and SugarLabs are physically mapping our geo-social fabric of small/medium/large deployments worldwide, in completely new and different ways, on and around CMU/Nick Doiron's rapidly evolving deployment/adoption/volunteering map.

So do your part - add deployments to the

And even if you don't have deployments to add, you should try your skills at the olpcMAP Trivia Contest!