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New OLPC site in the works

Our design partners have been developing a new design for the OLPC website, one that draws in contributions from our partner and chapter sites around the world. I saw the latest designs this week, and loved them!  We'll have more updates about the site soon, once everyone's back from the Realness Summit and we've heard from Mike Massey, our new photo maven. The biggest change: we're going to convert the homepage from a big logo to a series of full-screen images from deployments, with background details and links to more information. If you have any amazing photographs or stories you'd like to see featured on our homepage, please post a link to them. Teasers:
An overview of stories
an OLPC world map


One Laptop per Child Association settles in Miami | One Lapt (not verified) says: [...] be adding more pages about the Foundation and Association projects as we work through our current website redesign. “The computers are only a vehicle. We have 1 billion children worldwide who will never be able [...] July 23, 2010 at 1 pm