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Making Books Transparent

Sayamindu and I have been contributing over the course of the year to a Bookserver initiative to define how digital texts are indexed, discovered, and distributed.  The Open Content Alliance organized a conference yesterday and today in San Francisco to help us move forward with Bookserver development, improve the draft specification.  It was an inspiring event, with a lot of good working code and interfaces to share with one another.  Brewster throws a mean party, and when he announced he was hosting one last night to celebrate the launch of the Bookserver project and the Archive's move into a beautiful new space in the Presidio, some 500 people turned up.  I was pleased to run into Mary Lou, with four laptops sporting new Pixel Qi screens - low power, and yet so very hot. I spoke about what OLPC is doing with this new specification - Sayamindu's modified "Get Internet Archive Books" activity was the first client application to use the developing spec and beta book servers - and we spent some time brainstorming ways to improve OPDS.  It's an open group and process - all input is welcome. On a related note, for those of you in the Boston area, come to the Boston Book Fest this coming Saturday in Copley Square, and visit our tent!  We're still looking for a few more volunteers, so drop me a line if you're interested in helping out for a few hours between 9 and 5.


A festival of books: 1.6 Million beautiful works for the XO (not verified) says: [...] we announced a joint Bookserver project with the Archive to help all authors, libraries, and publishers share metadata in a way that can be [...] October 26, 2009 at 10 am

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