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Linux.conf Australia and the XO-AU release of Sugar on the XO

I’ll be at flying the OLPC Australia flag. In addition to giving a talk, I have plans for a whole range of other things, including:

Any assistance you can offer is more than welcome!
That’s not all. On Friday we made our most significant software release, XO-AU 10.1.3-au1.
This is an important milestone for OLPC Australia. It is the first XO OS build intended to be installed onto all XO-1.5s in Australia, including those in the field. XO-1.5s ordered from the factory will have at least this build installed by default. Many improvements have been made to make the software more appropriate for Australian children.

If you want to be kept updated and take part in OLPC Australia technical development, see our participation page.
via Sridhar Dhanapalan

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