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Kenyan teachers on strike, laptops take over

In the Eshibinga Primary School, Kenya, a few volunteer teachers and parents have been running a small project to introduce students to Sugar with a handful of XOs, with help from Sandra Thaxter. This is a rural part of the country that is starting to benefit from solar power centers.

The school had been keeping laptops in the principal's office at night (alas!), but now that there is a national teacher's strike, the students were given the laptops to take care of.

Sydney from the school's IT Club has been writing about what it's like to study on their own when the teachers are away:

Robert arrived carrying our usual [XO] laptops. They are normally stored at the school office. The principal had sent Robert to pick them from his office. He also had left a note for us. We opened it and read it out aloud. “Make good use of these xo laptops and take good care of them. They may be the only teachers you may see in this school until the government ends the ongoing teachers strike”

Students have been meeting at school on their own with their XOs to study computers and practice writing and videotaping their own stories. And one of their teachers has been maintaining a blog about their work this summer, and is with them at school, helping them learn despite the strike.

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