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Rwanda has the fastest-growing OLPC project in Africa, planning to double in the next year.

280313 children learn on their XO thanks to your support through OLPC.
500 schools participate in our deployments.

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Vision 2020, a document published by the Government of Rwanda in July of 2000, outlined plans for the nation to move "from the humanitarian assistance phase associated with the 1994 genocide into one of sustainable development" to become a middle-income country by the year 2020. A pillar of the nation's plans to accomplish this task is to move from an agricultural to a knowledge-based economy.

Rwanda's long-term vision includes access for all to the Web. Thanks to the generosity of Give One Get One donors in 2007, thousands of laptops were donated to Rwanda. This launched a program that today has provided 100,000 laptops to children and teachers across the country. President Paul Kagame has expressed Rwanda's commitment to saturate its primary schools with 500,000 laptops over the next 5 years.

OLPC helped to open a Global Center for Excellence in Laptops and Learning at the Kigali Institute for Science, Technology and Management (KIST) in Kigali, to support OLPC and ongoing education with laptops in Rwanda. More recently, other institutes have joined to support the initiative.

The education ministry has run workshops in over 100 schools, and helped develop classroom plans that can be used in every school in the country. Events focused on developing teacher skills and creative uses for computers in the classroom have helped them make this education project their own.

Parents have been involved as well through community meetings and parent-teacher groups. Children and teachers in each community have become champions for the project, helping others learn to use their computers and to discover the Web.

The 2011 OLPC Rwanda report summarizes the project's work and future direction.