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Support Strategy

The OLPC program is committed to sustainability. In each program, OLPC works to transfer knowledge and know-how to local teams in order to build local capacity and ensure the sustainability of each program. We focus on seven key components:

  • Program Design 
  • Implementation and Logistics 
  • Teacher Training 
  • Maintenance and Technical Support 
  • Monitoring and Evaluation 
  • Volunteer Program
  • Community Support and Development

Each component concentrates on developing local capacity in order to implement a long-term solution.

OLPC works with the Zamora Teran Foundation (FZT) to provide implementation services around the world. FZT, a non-profit organization based in Nicaragua, has extensive expertise in successfully incorporating the laptop into the learning process, as well as providing professional development opportunities to all parties involved in the OLPC program.

OLPC’s multidisciplinary teams work to identify and analyze the social, economic and educational context to create a program tailored to address the specific needs and desired outcomes of each community. With such knowledge and local context, OLPC identifies the key items required for a successful program that includes both social and educational transformation. Our goal is to support the processes of program design and implementation. With more than ten years of experience in the field, OLPC is uniquely positioned as an expert in the integration of technology into the learning environment. OLPC now seeks to share the knowledge that leads to a transformation in schools and communities and to a stronger and more unified future for all.