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Mariano Sigman

Director of the Integrative Neuroscience Laboratory in Argentina

Mariano Sigman was born in Argentina and grew up in Barcelona, Spain. He went back to Argentina and got a master’s degree in physics at the University of Buenos Aires. He moved to New York to do a PhD in neuroscience at the Rockefeller University directed by Charles Gilbert and Marcelo Magnasco. His thesis investigations were focused on visual perception, on the physiology and psychophysics of perceptual learning. He then moved to Paris, to do a post doctorate with Stanislas Dehaene on consciousness and cognitive architecture. In 2006 he went back to Argentina and pursued as a professor in the Physics Department, where he currently is the director of the Integrative Neuroscience Laboratory. He is also a visiting professor at the Laboratory of Mathematical Physics at the Rockefeller University. During that same year the College de France awarded him with the Dellheim Prize. Later on, Sigman and Sebastian Lipina published the editorial “Neuroscience and Education.”In 2010 he received the “Scalable Data Analytics for A Smarter Planet Innovation Award” from IBM.