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Jimmy Parfait Intwali

Head of Technical and support Rwanda

Intwali Parfait Jimmy is the Head of Technical and Learning Officer. He joined OLPC in 2008 during the initial launch of OLPC Corps in KIST - Rwanda and started as a volunteer. After graduation in 2009, due to strong belief in OLPC cause, to empower education in children from developing world, he continued his path in OLPC as a learning development facilitator. As a learning development facilitator, he worked hand in hand with primary schools and the Ministry of Education in implementing the OLPC project in Rwanda. In 2011, he developed the first local sugar bundle providing information about the country Rwanda and focused on more technical aspects of the XO laptop. He is an MBA candidate to graduate in 2014 and is extending his expertise to the rest of the continent, Burundi, Kenya, Uganda, Gabon, South Africa,...