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Side view of child holding XO Tablet

Q: What is the OLPC Tablet?
A: The OLPC Tablet is a 7" tablet which offers a child-oriented learning environment as well as the traditional Android interface and Google Play Store for parents who wish to share the tablet with their children.

Q: Where can I purchase the OLPC Tablet?
A: The tablet is available in a limited number of Walmart stores.

If you are an educational or governmental institution that plans to order at least 100 OLPC Tablet units, please contact OLPC at to discuss potential discounts.

Q: How does purchasing a OLPC Tablet help OLPC's mission?
A: The OLPC Tablet is the first tablet featuring OLPC's Learning software environment. Proceeds from OLPC Tablet purchases will be used to further develop the OLPC Learning software and enhance it to address the needs of a larger population of children. Funds will also be used to provide OLPC Tablets to children for educational use around the world as part of the One Tablet Per Child program.

Q: Does the OLPC Tablet run the same programs as OLPC Laptops?
A: The OLPC Tablet currently does not run the same programs as the OLPC Laptop series. However we are working with Sugar Labs and other partners to build software which can be run on both platforms.

Q: Does OLPC provide tablet or other computer donations?
A: OLPC usually does not directly donate tablet or laptop computers, but instead works with other non-profit and governmental organizations to make our educational hardware and software available to children.

Q: What languages is the OLPC Tablet available in?
A: The OLPC Tablet currently supports English and Spanish. Support for other languages is planned. Not all content is available in all languages. Included languages and content may vary by store and the country of sale.

Q: How do I get support for my OLPC Tablet?
A: OLPC and its volunteers do not provide support for OLPC Tablets purchased online or from retail stores. Please contact Vivitar/Sakar at +1 (877) 236-0183 or visit if you need support with your OLPC Tablet..

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Last Updated: March, 2017